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INTERGRAIN - UltraPrep Mould Killer

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INTERGRAIN - UltraPrep Mould Killer

INTERGRAIN - UltraPrep Mould Killer

UltraGrip is an additive that, when mixed in to compatible coatings, provides a textured Intergrain UltraPrep Mould Killer is a biodegradable, environmentally responsible formula with an active mould killing life of 6 hours once diluted. Specially formulated to effectively remove mould from exterior timber including coated and uncoated surfaces. Note:Lack of visible growth does not necessarily indicate and uncontaminated surface. Many spores are not visible to the naked eye and can germinate and grow beneath surface coatings and timber stains. It is recommended to always use Intergrain UltraPrep Mould Killer in humid and mould susceptible areas as the first step of preparing timber for coating.

Locations - Exterior


1. Mix 800g of Intergrain UltraPrep Mould Killer into 8L of water, stir until powder is fully dissolved. Warm water will help dissolve the powder faster.
2. Scrub on to entire area with a stiff bristle brush.
3. Leave for 15 minutes, do not allow to dry on the timber, add more product if required to keep it wet.
4. Rinse off exterior surfaces thoroughly using maximum pressure from a garden hose or using a high pressure water cleaner. For best results, a high pressure water cleaner is recommended.
5. If any visible mould remains, repeat steps 1-4.

Important: Once powder has been diluted, use within 6 hours. Any left over solution can be safely disposed of down a drain

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