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NEWTECHWOOD Starborn - Cap-Tor xd Epoxy Screws Timber 10g x 65mm

$49.99 $63.00
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NEWTECHWOOD Starborn - Cap-Tor xd Epoxy Screws Timber 10g x 65mm

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NEWTECHWOOD Starborn - Cap-Tor xd Epoxy Coated Screws

10g x 65mm for Timber Joists

Cap-Tor screws for all Newtechwood composite decking and cladding. Packet of 100. 

Newtechwood Castellation Cladding #43 Canadian Cedar

Newtechwood Castellation Cladding #53 Silver Ash

Newtechwood Castellation Cladding #55 Ebony

Newtechwood Castellation Cladding #71 Aged Wood

Newtechwood Cladding #43 Maple

Newtechwood Cladding #53 Silver Grey

Newtechwood Cladding #71 Walnut

Newtechwood Cladding #81 Teak

Newtechwood Coastal Range #54 Antique

Newtechwood Coastal Range #63 Beech

Newtechwood Coastal Range #71 Aged Wood

Newtechwood Coastal Range #81 Teak

Newtechwood Commercial Range #54 Antique

Newtechwood Commercial Range #63 Blackbutt

Newtechwood Commercial Range #81 Teak

Newtechwood Metro Range #53 Silver Grey

Newtechwood Metro Range #54 Antique

Newtechwood Metro Range #81 Teak

Newtechwood Terrace Range #53 Silver Grey

Newtechwood Terrace Range #54 Antique

Newtechwood Terrace Range #63 Blackbutt

Newtechwood Terrace Range #71 Walnut

Newtechwood Terrace Range #81 Teak

The Original is still the Best!

Since 1961 the Starborn company has provided unique and innovation products to the decking market. The first colour-coded Cap-Tor® composite decking screw to match all the major brands is a perfect example. 

Cap-Tor® xd screws are specifically designed to provide a clean, smooth and uniform finish in composite and PVC decking. They also work equally well in traditional uncapped composites. Cap-Tor xd is approved for use with all major deck brands.

Cap-Tor® xd screws feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, reverse threads, tri-lobular shanks, Type 17 auger tips, and are available with either a color matched, epoxy-based polymer resin coating or in color matched Headcote® stainless steel Marine Grade 316.

Product Features

Materials: Available in epoxy coated carbon steel and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

ACQ: Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber.

 Starborn Cap-Tor xd product features

Star Drive

Favored by professionals; extra deep recess reduces cam-out.

Undercut Head

Cleanly penetrates the hard outer layer of capstock decking.

Reverse Thread

Prevents mushrooming and other surface defects

Tri-lobe Shank and Acute Thread Angle

For increased driving power and cleaner penetration through harder decking materials.

Type 17 Auger Tip

For faster, easier entry; helps prevent splitting.



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