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PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm - 500g Pack

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PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm - 500g Pack


PRYDA - Galvanised Timber Nail Connector 35 x 3.15mm - 500g Pack

 Approx. 180 nails per 500g.

Pryda Galvanised Timber Nail Connectors are specifically designed for fixing Pryda timber connectors. They are longer, thicker, and stronger than galvanised clouts, and have a tapered head and one-piece construction for greater strength. Manufactured from galvanised steel for corrosion protection in external environments.



  • One-piece design, stronger than regular clouts, as their heads may pop off under load.
  • Tapered head for greater strength. 
  • All Pryda connectors specifying a Pryda Timber Connector Nail have design capacities are in accordance with test results or current, relevant Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia. 
  • Pryda products are structurally adequate provided they are designed, installed and used completely in accordance with the Pryda Timber Connector Nail (when specified). 
  • Correct Installation: Installation of Pryda products must be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the relevant design guide.



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