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INTERGRAIN - Timber Stripper Liquid 8

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INTERGRAIN - Timber Stripper Liquid 8

INTERGRAIN - Timber Stripper Liquid 8

Intergrain Liquid 8 Timber Stripper is a fast acting, easy to use, water soluble gel timber finish and paint remover. Timber Stripper’s formula allows for the quick and effective removal of most water and solvent based coatings.


Areas - Exterior timber
Locations - Exterior


Remove surface dirt by sweeping or washing down with water.


Methods: Broad synthetic bristle brush.

1. Apply a thick coat by broad synthetic bristle brush. Take care on vertical or overhanging surfaces as Liquid 8 Timber Stripper may drip.
2. Allow 15-20 minutes to penetrate and soften or wrinkle the coating. Stripping times will vary depending on the type of finish, thickness of the coating to be removed, and age of coating.
3. Test with a scraper to ensure that the coating is easily removed.
4. Remove using a paint scraper or if appropriate a high pressure water cleaner. On timber surfaces, work in the direction of the grain. On curved or rough surfaces or mouldings use a synthetic hard bristle brush or scourer.
5. Important: The stripper remains active while in a wet state. Do not allow Liquid
8 Timber Stripper or softened or wrinkled coating to dry on the surface. For best results cover with a plastic drop sheet to stop Liquid 8 Timber Stripper from drying out and work in small areas at a time.
6. Note: Some oil based coatings will continue to bubble and strip even after the stripper has been removed.
7. Thick or stubborn coatings may require more than one application.
8. Clean stripped surfaces thoroughly with water and allow to dry.
9. Sand as necessary to remove any residue and any grain raise before refinishing the surface.

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