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LANOTEC - Release Agent

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LANOTEC - Release Agent


LANOTEC - Release Agent Concrete Bond Breaker & Lubricant

Product Details

Lanotec Release Agent is a  concentrated, lanolin-based concrete release agent, derived from natural, sustainable ingredients. It contains Lanolin (a natural product), blended with an evaporative carrier & surfactant. Mixes with water. 


  • Breaks concrete bonds
  • Protects tubes, jacks and fittings from corrosion
  • Lubricates jacks and fittings
  • Extends the life of timber and metal molds
  • Protects equipment from concrete and paint overspray
  • Safe for use on PVC, fibreglass, polypropylene, rubbers and polystyrene
  • AS4020:2018 certified for structures built to contain/hold drinking water
Available in: 2.9L. 5L, 20L, 200L

Usage Examples:

• For use on form surfaces including steel, timber, plywood, PVC, rubber, polypropylene, plastic & fibreglass
• Safe for environmentally sensitive areas and waterways
• Protection of machinery and equipment from concrete overspray

Concrete (mix @ 1:6 parts water): 

• Formwork Release Agent
• Tilt Panel Bond Breaker
• Precast Mould Oil

Scaffolding (mix @ 1:4 parts water):

• Lubricant for jacks & fittings
• Spatter protection for tubes, jack, fittings and equipment


• Concentrate (mix with water)
• Low suction between panels
• Resists rain wash off
• Non evaporative
• Lubricates & protects fittings


Apply a fine even coat with quality sprayer and flush sprayer with water only.

Tilt Panel
When using as a bond breaker, apply to the top of cured panel in 2 even diagonal opposing coats. In extreme heat, the panels can be sprayed with water before Lanotec Release Agent is applied, this reduces the amount of Release Agent absorbed by the cured panel. If it rains after application, feel for waxy surface and judge if further application is required Formwork.

Continued use on formwork leaves surface clean after stripping; no cleaning required between pours, simply spray, pour, strip and repeat. For best results, apply to the horizontal before erection (steel & aluminium) where practical.

Non staining for coloured concrete. Can be applied after setting polystyrene block outs (does not affect polystyrene). If mopping the finish, use a new clean mop pre soaked in Lanotec Release Agent. Safe for fibreglass, PVC, polypropylene and rubber moulds.



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