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TESA - 100mm Joist Protection Tape

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TESA - 100mm Joist Protection Tape


TESA - Joist Protection Tape, 20m x 100mm rolls

Optimise the durability of your joists effortlessly with Tesa® JoistSeal, a mid-range solution that strikes a balance between affordability and performance, sitting comfortably between premium and basic alternatives.

Unlock the Potential with Key Features:

  • Linerless Innovation: Experience minimal waste and swift application, ensuring efficiency at a mid-range cost.
  • Long-Term Adhesion: Trust in the enduring grip of Tesa® JoistSeal, designed to bond seamlessly with joists over the years.
  • Weatherproof Mastery: Safeguard your joists from water infiltration and elevate their lifespan with our advanced weather-resistant design.

Crafted with precision: Tesa® JoistSeal boasts a PET/PE woven fabric backing fused with a potent acrylic adhesive. The waterproof backing tears effortlessly by hand, enabling a seamless application process while maintaining durability, resisting splitting, and averting fraying. Its high-performance weather-resistant adhesive ensures steadfast application even in colder climates, adhering flawlessly to various joist types.

Efficiency Redefined: Embrace the convenience of Tesa® JoistSeal's linerless self-wound construction, facilitating faster application with minimal mess on-site. While not at the premium level, users can enjoy up to 2x faster application compared to conventional liner-based tapes.

In the Top Tier: For those seeking top-tier quality, consider our premium VapourSeal. While Tesa® JoistSeal offers mid-range performance, VapourSeal stands as our top-tier solution for unparalleled excellence.

The Ultimate Outcome: Embrace efficiency and durability at a mid-range price with Tesa® JoistSeal – a reliable choice that significantly extends the lifespan of your joists. Explore the mid-range sweet spot, acknowledging the premium alternative, VapourSeal, for those seeking the utmost quality.

*please note these are images of the 50mm rolls.

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