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VAPOURSEAL - 100mm Deck Joist Sealing Tape, 20m rolls

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VAPOURSEAL - 100mm Deck Joist Sealing Tape, 20m rolls

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VAPOURSEAL - Multi-Purpose Sealing Tape, 20m x 100mm rolls


VapourSeal is a high-tack matte black resin cloth tape with strong UV performance, stability and ageing characteristics. The product is designed to form permanent and sustainable seals for a variety of applications.

It is a self-wound adhesive tape (no liner) which means there is no backing paper and wastage. It is also hand-tearable which allows the installer to apply the tape without the use of knives or scissors making it a very user-friendly product. The product also has the ability to be repositioned.

Permanent sealing applications include:

  • Protection of timber & steel joists (decking)

  • Window flashings

  • Protection and sealing of a variety of other surfaces

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